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Personal Information
Real Name: Louis Lafeber
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: January 15th, 2009
Last Update: February 15th, 2010
About Sexy-No-Jutsu
About Me: Yooh peepz! I feel like i'm back alive again lol.. i'm doin much better then a while ago.. just got promotion at work ^_^ happy me! Im 19 years old and i live in Amsterdam.. work 6-7 days a week and trying to get loads of money to travel to China..Wanna stay there half a year to Taste the different cultures amd lovely food ofcourse ;)(crickets and lots of noodles XD) and just doin something before i have to study.. it will be worth it, im sure.. :D I'm a nice person to talk to.. at least i hear that sometimes so i assume that is right :P.. I'm someone who follows his dreams, if you don't try you never accomplish ;) you could call it "Try before you Die" lolz.. love to play video games, but i love going out more and drinking some sweet sweet beers, sometimes vodka.. but depends on the occasion ;) If you wanna talk to me send me a comment and i will respond! ;) (holla at you back.. lol) Ps.. Naruto is the shizzlenizzledizzlekizzleflizzle! Just sending some LOVE to Ms. Jani, Ms. Amy and Ms. Esmee <3 Kisses for you all! xxx Take care everyone and enjoy the holidays ^_^
Activities: Living my life to the fullest and learning more about everything every single day, enjoying everything around me and making more friends.. lol i love socializing X_X i talk with everyone i who gets in front of me :P..
Interests: Chicks! Anime(NARUTO! and many more), Shooters/RPGs, Clubbin, Beatboxing, getting to know new people, Getting wasted (drunk), having interests.. i like to go to big festivals also :)
Favorite TV Shows: 42 inch big screen tv O_O.. currently watching more tv then i ever did in my life lol.. but well my pc connected to my screen.. so that would have to be naruto :P.. and i watch dexter (awesome) weeds.. and lots and lots of anime's ^_^
Favorite Movies: 1.Saving private ryan 2.The hangover 3.Enemy at the gate 4.Forrest Gump (all comedy, war and action/adventure/thrillers) hmm.. many things i like i suppose.. everything that i can watch full hd O_O :P
Favorite Music: Create a playlist at MixPod.com I love almost all Drumm and Bass, House, HardHouse, Electro,Psycadelic Trance, Hardcore, HardStyle, Reggae, Lounge, Old-skool Hip-Hop (New stuff sucks bad) I also like some metal/rock bands like Slipknot and Korn etc. in fact, I love everything with a nice bassline.. Music that makes your night turn into the next morning!
Favorite Books: No interest.. if you mean manga, i like manga! and read them allot.. online that is.. ofcourse >_<
Favorite Quotes: If you cant find it on the Dutch markets, it probably has not been discovered yet ^^ "it is worth allot to be important.. but its still far more important to be worth allot" try to figure this out for yourself ;)

Comments (471)

wow that seems absolutely great! working with people s wonderful, you get to socialize a lot and it's so nice you like o help others out. most people nowadays are so egoistic :(
yeaaah hope you had fun at the disco XD

neah, I'm not allowed to travel now, but when I'll be 18 you know where to find me haha

my day's been so-so. a lot of maths and my head is stupider than yesterday (I can feel it, shit)

glad you had a great day <3

Posted by iris789 4 years ago

mew guess

Posted by deathcat 4 years ago

omg i just saw u like moloko (and that u have a song of ocarina of time XD) yay i like u now! (not that i didnt before! XDDD)
im in love with zelda (well u know, the game XD not zelda herself) and im wondering..did u played ookami? it has the same style, about the dungeons and the minigames and so..its very pretty, and ign gave them like a 9.something on their rating *.* i love it

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

okami rocks!

Posted by adrian_adrian 4 years ago

lol yeah i know i didn't want ronaldo to leave :( but its ok Rooneys playing awesome

I know that not even supporting i don't know what that is? what supporters do that? haha

iv added you

Posted by nisa10 4 years ago

rofl youve got some weird music on this page guy. but dont fret about it, im lovin the song master of ceremony; dirt. dude, acid or extacy is all i gotta ask. xDDD JK JK shrooms are for me when it comes to that kind of music. *kisses*

so how ya been over this past year?

Posted by uchiha_kitten 4 years ago

Thanks for the add dude!

Posted by degenetron 4 years ago

lol...christmas island is...awesome!! j/k. i live Georgia.

Posted by fantasyx0 4 years ago

ok yea i know o and nice music as always.. sorry for late reply ttyl

Posted by yadira 4 years ago

I like it the combat and story had some getting used to but I like the crystalgen to upgrade chars stats and the summons are really cool, I just got Odin and I think this game is going to get better and better, the way you can upgrade weps is cool to

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

lol yes, ppl with tons of free time, just like me XD i grew up with zelda and mario too, but i cant make my mom play them, though XD im not that good, lol
to be honest..the windwaker kinda disappointed me..and i really, really like ookami better (:
hope u have a great week..take care!

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

Dude have you listened to Dance FM? It's broadcasted in Amsterdam, it's got some cool dance trax! I listen to it once in a while via internet.

Posted by degenetron 4 years ago

hah not really ; ) i read walk & listen music |my passion| mmm... what else... i dont know how time is runnin at weekends so quickly lol ....

Posted by Shukumei 4 years ago

im still on disc 2....the game is hot, but i def cant wait to start explorin...i hate how they basically dictatin to me where to go next..

Posted by sky86092345 4 years ago

lol i know he's awesome

lol forget real madrid, Messi scored 3 for barca he's awesome too!!!

OMG i really feel sorry for Beckham, really bad injury :( hope he gets better soon

Posted by nisa10 4 years ago

hey thank you so much for the nice comment! I did have quite a nice weekend, it was quite normal but welcomed and so xD

I'm glad you like what you do, few people manage to be content with their work or their progress

yes, I'm planning in visiting china, japan and korea when I'll be probably 18-20 after I pass my hardest exams :worry:

hope you had a great weekend too

Posted by iris789 4 years ago

awww thx im studying hard but doing horrible theres not 1 subject im not doing horrible in... i got 2 D's on my chemistry test i never get those grades and i got a C in physics i hav no gd explanation for my parents this year i usually have an 89 averarge but now i think its lower lol i hope the party goes well 2 its for 2 classes 11th grade and 12th

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

heya XD
long time no c!!!!
how r u? ^_^

Posted by tilapia 4 years ago

hey wazzup man u ever beat FFXIII im on the last boss but still have all the missions left. It def turned out being a better game than I initially thought when I first started playing. I got some weap/accessory combos that can insta-stagger sometimes and it rules. Ill deff keep playing once I beat the game and finish the missions and whatever else it has to offer.

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

sorry for the late reply

new york is still experiencing frosts during nights
and it gets hot during mornings

Posted by Violetcrystaline 4 years ago

For contact Facebook: Louis lafeber

I'm out peace people!

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 4 years ago