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Yooh peepz! I feel like i&#039;m back alive again lol.. i&#039;m doin much better then a while ago.. just got promotion at work ^_^ happy me! <br /> <br /> Im 19 years old and i live in Amsterdam.. work 6-7 days a week and trying to get loads of money to travel to China..Wanna stay there half a year to Taste the different cultures amd lovely food ofcourse ;)(crickets and lots of noodles XD) and just doin something before i have to study.. it will be worth it, im sure.. :D I&#039;m a nice person to talk to.. at least i hear that sometimes so i assume that is right :P.. I&#039;m someone who follows his dreams, if you don&#039;t try you never accomplish ;) you could call it &quot;Try before you Die&quot; lolz.. love to play video games, but i love going out more and drinking some sweet sweet beers, sometimes vodka.. but depends on the occasion ;) <br /> <br /> If you wanna talk to me send me a comment and i will respond! ;) (holla at you back.. lol) <br /> <br /> Ps.. Naruto is the shizzlenizzledizzlekizzleflizzle!<br /> <br /> <br /> Just sending some LOVE to Ms. Jani, Ms. Amy and Ms. Esmee &lt;3 Kisses for you all! xxx<br /> <br /> <br /> Take care everyone and enjoy the holidays ^_^