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Personal Information
Real Name: shameir wahrman
Gender: Male
Country: Jamaica
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: November 19th, 2008
Last Update: November 21st, 2008
About shamrok
About Me: i'm 17, going to college, love anime, love girls, love parties thats pretty much me
Activities: watching anime, movies and plyin football
Interests: almost everything
Favorite TV Shows: super natural and smallvile
Favorite Movies: 300, transformers,live free or die hard, you know hat too much to tell
Favorite Music: all alternative rock my fave band is linkin park
Favorite Books: harry potter the full series
Favorite Quotes: what tha hell

Comments (89)

that quiz of yours, some of the questions dont even have the right answers to'em... you shoud ahh get something done about that. lol i think it was i got 30% knowing at least three were already an automatic fail. =P

Posted by kawaii_05 5 years ago

take my poll^^

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

the same thing here:D
so are u?:P

Posted by iris789 5 years ago

take my poll "where are you from?"

Posted by Zioma 5 years ago

i passed, 100%

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

i beat ur quiz with 100%.

Posted by imdagent101 5 years ago

u r on the front page again

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

yey!!! i love linkin park too!!!!

Posted by Hosuke623 5 years ago

who doesnt love linkin park, lol

Posted by niwa1986 5 years ago

hey that quiz you have is funny i got 70% not 0%

Posted by florge 5 years ago

Ha you call that hard!!! 90!!! =) you got me on what is naruto's mothername. good try though. how about asking questions like in what episode did this happen or narutos favorite ramen(in detail).

Posted by Breaker619 5 years ago

i got 60 on that quiz

Posted by dennyx11 5 years ago

Quiz: hard quiz past rate 0%
Creator: shamrok
Took You: 1 minute
Your Results: 10 out of 10
funney quiz

Posted by wonderboy891 5 years ago

what do you mean past rate 0%?

Posted by kavP15 4 years ago

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