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Personal Information
Real Name: shaune clement
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Join Date: March 11th, 2009
Last Update: May 5th, 2009
About shauneandrew
About Me: i'm not interesting
Interests: women, video games, drawing.
Favorite TV Shows: naruto, outlaw star, escaflowne.
Favorite Movies: the prestige, the dark knight.
Favorite Music: tears for fears, versus the night.
Favorite Books: the children of hurin, lotr.
Favorite Quotes: no one quite knows who or what they are, the memories you have and the rolls you were assigned are burdens that you have to carry, it doesn't matter if they're real or not, that's never the point.

Comments (3)

not really uk. i just happen to live here atm. im usually from good old germany. but oxford rocks xD

Posted by Kuai 5 years ago

wow nice haircut :0

Posted by viki92 5 years ago

hi there =D

Posted by himechan25 5 years ago