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Personal Information
Real Name: Gouki
Gender: Male
Join Date: September 20th, 2009
Last Update: October 12th, 2009
About Shin_Uchiha
Activities: Training. Fighting.
Interests: Training. Fighting. Hadoukens. Beating Ryu.
Favorite Music: The screams of the my enemies as they fall in battle before me and Tupac.

Comments (3)

Quiz: Genin Entrance Exam
Creator: Shin_Uchiha
Took You: 1 minute
Your Results: 10 out of 10
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Btw it's hachibi and not hachi =)

Posted by lance2b 4 years ago

Quiz: Genin Entrance Exam
Creator: Shin_Uchiha
Took You: 2 minutes
Your Results: 9 out of 10

it's zabuza not zubuza =) good quiz!

Posted by cliffgrinder 4 years ago

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