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Personal Information
Real Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 34 years old
Join Date: June 14th, 2006
Last Update: August 13th, 2010
About shinobiGTR
About Me: I like making and eating hot wings while chuggin the "blue thing-- cause nothing gets you F***d up faster (everclear is wonderful lol) or watching the latest movies preferably online for free-- especially if I cooked up something better at home and yes I can cook and will probably be online with one of my wife's friends assisting if not teaching them how to cook since I must have the unofficial title "master chef" written on my forehead lol. I've taught basic movement and self defense postures only to no more than 10 people in my lifetime and they've all developed further in their own divination. Anyway I'm pretty laid back to a fault and I was also in the Air Force and about to go into the Guard since most of you can probably agree that in this economy $10/hr doesn't work for the average american families-- maybe for those that illegally come here but at this rate middle class families are getting leeched by the greedy rich that have nothing but contempt on how to get more money to open the gap of turning middle class to working poor. How you wonder? Feel free to PM me and I'll explain-- it's kind of like "the red pill vs the blue pill" in the Matrix but the same principle of truth that real enemy uses to keep the average american citizen blind and ignorant to the ugly truth. God Bless, Peace and Freedom of Speech, Information and Choice to ALL.
Activities: Anime, Martial Arts, Working on everyday cars i.e. Infiniti, Porsche, Nissan, etc... Honestly I would rather work on a car that has a set of numbers on the sides of it or an Ultima GTR. Most cars these days are basically a living room with an engine and 4 wheels-- no sense of true ownership and purpose. Spending time with my 5-6month old son-- that will change you for the better if you have a good heart first.
Interests: Surfing the net (and not just for free porn lol), sketching what I see and/or visualize in my mind (free hand), watching movies-- mostly online for free and latest/greatest releases. Martial arts in the purest of sense-- MMA is cool and all but it seems more like a back alley brawl on the ground than any other fighting sport on television these days... It is like watching a flashback of high school! Hitting up the PS3 and playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2, Mirrors Edge, Tomb Raider, GT5(prolouge-- more like half done), Dantes Inferno (do not play this unless you have a strong mental and/or spiritual disposition... if not then you might find yourself in a corner holding yourself like a crazy in straight jacket rocking back in forth saying and saying "no, no, no-- stop it" like some rape victim on Law and Order SVU), Street Fighter IV-- I need to trade this in for Super SFIV since it came out of no where without much warning. Heavenly Sword and that's about it.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto and the Shippuuden series, Kiss x sis, Street fighter series, The Boondocks, AFRO Samurai, NCIS, Law and Order, CSI: Miami, Burn Notice, Speed Channel: 24hrs @ Rolex, LeMams, SCCA, GT, Trans-Am, Can-Am, Rally, Dakar, Baja, and Formula 1 racing. Pride FC, ISKA, Muay Thai and maybe MMA-- to a fault.
Favorite Movies: Taken, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Bank Job, The Italian Job, Akira, Shinobi:Heart under blade, Half Baked, Grandma's Boy, The Hangover-- the 'tiger song' is freaking hilarious-- LMAO, Redline, NINJA, Ninja Assasin, Green Zone, Karate Kid (2010), Losers, Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter 2 uncut.
Favorite Music: I like anything that isn't country-- I was tortured by it in middle and high school on the bus so get the ketchup and Tabasco sauce then stick a fork in me cause I'm DONE! LOL... I do like metal, r&b, rap, alternative: Sevendust, godsmack, static-x, spineshank, alicia keys, norah jones, snoop, dre, eminem, nelly, timbaland, nelly furtado, just to name a few. After living in Georgia from 89-04, I came across a group that was known as Crawlspace but later changed the name to Sevendust and have been hooked ever since-- I just need to get Cold day memory and a few movie sound tracks so my collection will truely be completed :).
Favorite Books: Mind Of the Ninja, The Alchemist, This Present Darkness, Maximum Boost and Behold the Pale White Horse.
Favorite Quotes: "Get out of 'De-nile' cause that 6ft lizard munching on your ankles isn't helping your cause" I use that one very artfully against my mother's silly antics LMAO! Many martial artists of various systems along with non-fighters have asked me what belt level did I have and in the words of Bruce Lee, "A belt is only good for holding one's pants up" "'An idle mind is the devil's playground'" . . . "if that's the case, then mine is vast with the things I know" lol... with that being said, Know thy self first before judging others". From friends I know... "Everyone has a plan until someone or something hits them in the face"-- Jaysen Evans. "Making out leads to d*** sucking"-- Molina. This one caught me off guard but I needed the laugh-- it was a tough day that day... though I will say there is some truth to that heh heh. I would put some of My Way Entertainment quotes but I'm certain that my profile will get disbanded or something to that degree lol.

Comments (4)

Dude you have big arms.

Posted by happyguy76 4 years ago

lol btw I love your drifting kyuubi i thought it was hilarious

Posted by FantasySlayer91 4 years ago

thnx you

Posted by princessamila91 4 years ago

How you doin ...old man

Posted by judoka 4 years ago