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Personal Information
Real Name: tas junior
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: May 3rd, 2010
Last Update: May 4th, 2010
About Suigetsu_Hozuki
About Me: i am a get to know everyone kind of person. usually i have a friend, and they have a friend i dont know so i meet them, but, i am a very cool, chill person. people say i have a old soul. because i take life slow. lol, my nick name is TAS. i like to draw, and play sports, like basketball, football, and soccer.im always hangin around friends, and if im not, im with the fam.
Activities: draw sports
Interests: girls/women
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto WOOO!!! cleveland show south park deadliest warrior
Favorite Movies: 300 10,000 B.C
Favorite Music: r&b hip hop rock metal
Favorite Books: animal discovery dinosaur encyclopedia salt in my shoes
Favorite Quotes: riiiggghhht you know ikr -suigetsu quotes (To Sasuke) "Free at last.. Thanks, Sasuke." (To Karin, Sasuke & Jūgo) "..Guys, can't we rest a little bit?" (To Sasuke) "You're quite a lady's man, aren't you Sasuke?" (To himself) "I can't believe I'd be protecting their hides this often!"

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thanx 4 da add

Posted by TruUchiha187 4 years ago

thanks for the add! ^_^

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

hello..thanks for the add too..

Posted by jaafar 4 years ago