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Created by Swe3t-Lil-Angel

I love Uchiha Sasuke. Yes, I am very well aware that he's being an asshole. A cocky, self-centered, insensitive asshole, for correction, but I cannot find it in my heart to hate him. He's just a boy that needs help now more than ever, even if he refuses it. But that's where Naruto comes in, isn't it? ;)And then we come at Kurosaki Ichigo. I-He's-I just- Ichii- I love him. Truly, he's a total winner and his inner hollow rocks the boat! Clearly an IchiRuki lover (You have not even the smallest inkling how much I H.A.T.E Inoue Orihime. There are no words enough in entire Oxford dictionary how much I despise Inoue. And believe me, I truly have my reasons why I can't stand this big-headed bitch, other than being a loathsome annoying freaktoide brainless wordless ass-kissing bimbo!) and a SasuSaku fan. XD