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SwmXyooj's Polls

Question Responses
The Story Of A True Hero? 19
Do you ever eat ramen or instant noodles for breakfast? 9
Orochimaru or Kabuto? 15
Are you annoyed with the Naruto love pairs? 11
Naruto Fillers! 37
Rock Lee 8 Gates vs Naruto Sennin Mode 78
How will Naruto die? 108
Guy sensei back in action!? 17
What could Naruto show improve on? 25
Are you annoyed with the Naruto fillers? 15
うずまきナルト will.... 30
What jutsu is next for Naruto? 85
Naruto vs Minato 46
Can Naruto even compare to his father? 46
Is Madara using Obito's body? 59
Was Uchiha Madara behind the Kyubi attack on Konoha? 24
Best villain 46
Uchiha vs Senju 50
What do you love about Naruto? 43
What do you hate about Naruto? 64
Why does Naruto have whiskers? 32
If Sakura and Hinata were to fight to the death. Who would win? 88
Naruto vs Chuck Norris 48
Ninjutsu vs Taijutsu 27
Are you getting annoyed about people asking about "Whats in the last Coffin"? 43
Who's Orochimaru's parents? 25
Best fight match-ups? 52
Rock Lee vs Suigetsu 38
Manga vs Anime 36
Do ya think Kushina looks like Sakura? 57
Naruto & Sasuke vs Edward & Alphonse 38
Do you think Naruto's fighting style is boring? 63
Do you think Konohamaru should get a new voice? 24
Will Sasuke's life end tragically? 67
Do you ever go back to watch the old Naruto Episodes? 49
Will Naruto seal the souls of Akatsuki? 30
What jutsu would you want to learn? 70
How will Naruto die? 71
Is Madara using Obito's body? 53
Two girls confessed their love for Naruto. Which will he choose? 116
Will Naruto become a heroic figure to the ninja world? Or just Hokage? 64
Would you like to see an episode about Minato's history and Team Jiraiya? 67
How will the Naruto series end? 70
How much a Naruto fan are you? 68
How is Pain related to the Rikudo Sennin? 53
Will Naruto die sealing the souls of Akatsuki? 66
Strongest Shinobi 68
How will Naruto defeat the NEW AKATSUKI? 57
Is FairyTail a good anime? 42
Did you know one of Naruto's hobbies is watering plants? 40
Will Sasuke be able to teleport like Madara? 58
Would you save your Clan? Or Village? 64
Is Sasuke the strongest ninja? 57
When are the fillers going to END!??? 31
Does Naruto need the Kyubi to be strong? 39
Do you think it was corny that Pain brought back the lives of the Leaf Ninja? 72
How will Naruto beat Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan? 92
Saddest death in Naruto series 125
Is anyone watching the fillers right now? 39
Naruto vs Minato 98
Uchiha Madara vs Namikaze Minato 82
Do you want Naruto to end? 58
What fight do you want to see in Anime? 40
What do you think is the jutsu Jiraiya and Gerotora were talking of for Naruto? 39
Is Naruto Shippuden coming to an end? 25
Does Naruto compare to the previous Hokage? 72
Is Naruto and Sasuke gonna battle it out? 24
Naruto Manga is getting pretty good. huh? 46
Kirin vs Fuuton Rasen-Shuriken 42
Is Kakashi gonna die? 31
Will Naruto fight the Kyuubi or tame it? 30
OMG! What's gonna happen - Kakashi vs Sasuke? 21
What do you think about an Online Naruto Ninja Game? 15
When did you start watching Naruto? 26
What do you like most about Naruto Shippuuden? 21
What annoys you most about Naruto Shippuuden? 27
Wtf is Sakura thinking????? 12
Have you heard the Shippuuden 2 Soundtrack? 9
If Danzo has Izangi, then Itachi gave Naruto Izanami? 102
Chojuro vs Suigetsu 41
Rock Lee vs Suigetsu 64
Does Naruto have a chance against Sasuke? 53
Should Naruto show have a remake after it's done? 97
Will Sasuke kill Sakura? 58
Do you want to see Rock Lee fight!? 34
Would Harem no Jutsu work on Akatsuki? 28
What would be a good filler episode? 45
You are Sasuke. You?? 28
Should Naruto get a new outfit? 128
Will Naruto control the Kyubi? 50
Who is the most badass character? 102
Why haven't they shown Uchiha Madara's face? 33
Will Shippūden show the story of other Jinchūriki? 19
Naruto and Sasuke vs Killer Bee and Raikage 36
Open a FairyTailCentral!!!! 12
Will Sasuke kill Sakura? 24
Naruto vs Kyubi 147
Is Naruto fit to be Hokage? 66
What is your REAL NINJA ELEMENT!? 128
If the show was to change its title, what would it be? 113
How will the Shippuuden Movie 3 end? 71
Is it boring for Naruto to use Rasengan in every fight? 95
Does Naruto need the Kyuubi to be strong? 73
Do you like FairyTail? 50
Susanoo vs Senin Mode 101
Will Naruto ever control the Kyubi? 120
What do you think of FairyTail anime? 52
Should Naruto show have a remake after it's done? 22
Will Sakura will get killed by Sasuke? (Theory) 36
What should Naruto's new jutsu be? 358
Do you think Sakura is hot? 249
Who would make a good protagonist? 75
What other Animes do you really like? 86
Favourite Uchiha? 144
Should Sasuke be evil or good? 97
Hottest female character? 170
Should Naruto go for Sakura or Hinata? 209
Should Naruto die? 86
Does Naruto overuse Rasengan? 103
What do you think of Sasuke? 61
Which soundtrack? 36
Fourth Ninja World War will consist of? 84
Ramen or Tsukemen? 23
Will Madara, Zetsu and Sasuke kill all the Kages? 73
Do you download episodes or watch it stream on NC? 48
Is Sasuke stronger than Naruto? 122
Whatever happened to Uzumaki Kushina? 101
Do you think Sasuke will kill all the Kages at the meeting? 74
What would YOU do if you were in Sasuke's shoes? 93
Who do you believe is the most perveted ninja in Konoha? 63
If there was one character Kishimoto had to kill off in the manga. Who would it be? 128
Does Naruto over use Rasengan? 66
Why haven't they showed Uchiha Madara's face yet? 86
Is Sasuke evil? 63
Who is the better fighter? Sasuke or Naruto? 104
What jutsu do you believe Itachi gave Naruto? 126
What do you think was the best fight in all of the Naruto Episodes? 74

Created by SwmXyooj