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Personal Information
Real Name: tapp
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Age: 25 years old
Join Date: October 28th, 2009
Last Update: October 28th, 2009
About tapp21
About Me: nice person!!! easy to be with
Activities: just hangin around
Interests: naruto!!! (obviously)!!! girls
Favorite TV Shows: naruto!! (again) 24 lost
Favorite Movies: saw
Favorite Music: alternative acoustic
Favorite Books: fictions (dont say a word, angels and demons, davinci code, harry potter series)
Favorite Quotes: yaw na karinga dira!! (your lucky if you dont know what it means)

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btw... karen didnt die! she's still alive!

Posted by lance2b 4 years ago

the same as you ( lance2b) but in 1 minute
i think that i was wrong at karen did tobi or sasuke injur karin ?

Posted by Sakss 4 years ago

same here guys 10/11

karin, karin, karin...what a douche

Posted by uchiha_kitten 2 years ago