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I am super nice when i want to be but i can be a bitch if i have to be lol. I am cuban & a high schooler, I have many friends but i only trust a couple, & last but not least i am a COMPLETE SasuSaku fan & the way Naruto is going, i might end up heartbroken by chapter 460 lol :( ------------------------------------- Do You Think Sasuke Should Die? I just want to know everyone's opinions because I've heard alot of people say that he deserves to die. I personally dont agree, I mean if someone did kill my whole family/clan i would be exactly like him and do all the stuff he does (well not EVERYTHING xD). Plus, people in Konoha (including the Rookie 9) dont know why he hasnt come back to Konoha. Naruto thinks it's because he has changed and might be swallowed by darkness, but even if he has, Naruto doesnt know that Sasuke isnt done with his revenge. So yea, please tell me how you feel about this. :D