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Real Name: Kouga Kuchiki
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: February 26th, 2009
Last Update: January 24th, 2010
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About Me: naruto
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Favorite TV Shows: naruto
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Comments (90)

why damn???

Posted by Orihime_Inoue 4 years ago

Not much, just sitting here whatching Death Note 2: The Last Name.

Posted by Rainbow_Dragon 4 years ago


Posted by fire_rules 4 years ago

nuttin much n u

Posted by H3Y123 4 years ago

nothing much u

Posted by fabsterpunk 4 years ago

hello madara.
im fine.
how are you?

Posted by SutSha7 4 years ago

All your life is Naruto?

Posted by Romas 4 years ago

pretty good you?

Posted by Sara_Hakashi 4 years ago

ah nothin much, just resting and stuff, what about you?

Posted by EraChan 4 years ago

hey =)
whats up? long time no talking...

Posted by Janin 4 years ago

hey!!!! whats up????

Posted by yrrrzvl 4 years ago

ahh thats cool.

Posted by EraChan 4 years ago

Nice avatar.

Posted by choji317 4 years ago

is this avatar the bad or good son of the Rikudo Sage?

Posted by miaka_kashumi 4 years ago

I just wanted to say HI!!!

Posted by konatakawaii 4 years ago


Posted by faith_connors 4 years ago

dont know who uall is but thank u

Posted by marife7 4 years ago

i'm good, thanks~

Posted by Rei-chan 4 years ago

Nothing too much. Just relaxing. You?

Posted by anglskai 4 years ago

not much =/

Posted by omfgz.elle 4 years ago

uh, damn what?

Posted by mickey-ninja 4 years ago

im the one with the blue shirt and the other girls is a friend of mine

Posted by marife7 4 years ago

do you rily madara uciha....??

Posted by paluks 4 years ago

lol why ?

Posted by marife7 4 years ago


Posted by marife7 4 years ago