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Personal Information
Real Name: kas
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: August 6th, 2010
Last Update: September 18th, 2010
About therasenshuriken
About Me: I'm usually friendly, but whenever someone picks on my family or friends ill give them a nice black eye or broken nose
Activities: i play a lot of video games and read Naruto.
Interests: i love sword sparring and martial arts. in my free time i draw Naruto or read
Favorite TV Shows: i like watching Naruto, Bleach, Dirty jobs, movies, and HALO anime
Favorite Movies: Transformers 2, sorcerers apprentice, lord of the rings, ninja clash in the land of snow, and the matrix
Favorite Music: i listen to Linkin park, the chtistian band caleb and sol, daft punk, and green day
Favorite Books: Naruto manga, Eragon, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fablehaven, and the 39 clues
Favorite Quotes: touch me and ill break your neck

Comments (5)

i think that sasuke might turn back to good and help naruto beat madara

Posted by therasenshuriken 4 years ago

now that naruto has the flying thunder god technique, i think that he is practically invincible

Posted by therasenshuriken 4 years ago

i know a lot of people are asking:"will sasuke be able to control the nine-tailed naruto?" my answer to this is a no. the reasen being is that naruto has taken over the chakra, not the form, of the nine-tailed fox

Posted by therasenshuriken 4 years ago


Posted by cosmicNARUTO 4 years ago

lee, hes a true martial artist

Posted by therasenshuriken 4 years ago