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Personal Information
Real Name: Michelle
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: November 11th, 2005
Last Update: August 29th, 2010
About thesundancer8
About Me: I'm an introvert with an insatiable passion for writing.
Activities: I work...a lot. And college.
Interests: Horses. Writing. Running. Reading. Languages. Linguistics. Yoga. Violin. Swimming. Honesty. Intelligent Conversations. Traveling.
Favorite TV Shows: House.
Favorite Music: Anything instrumental, alternative rock, classic rock. Umm...I'm not picky.
Favorite Books: Gone with the Wind. Shogun. The Historian. Memoirs of a Geisha. Name of the Wind. I have so many favorites.

Comments (56)

yea,actually ive downloaded an ebook,so im learning from dat,still im a beginner so dont know much ,like "anata e ikimasu",
"means you are going to japan",if im correct!

Posted by mohammadx3 4 years ago

wats ur facebook name?

Posted by mohammadx3 4 years ago

have u seen Samurai Champloo???and its soundtrack from Nujabes?

Posted by mohammadx3 4 years ago

michelle.....the Beatles's song

Posted by amitycoin 4 years ago

so wuts up ...

Posted by teleporter 4 years ago

Aah, I see.
But I don't check NC too much at these days and sorry for replying too late.
also nice picture.

Posted by Varggoth 4 years ago

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