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Personal Information
Real Name: Samantha Headley
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: February 12th, 2010
Last Update: March 16th, 2010
About ThickiMinaj
About Me: Im just an awesome person lol (Im just playing) but if you want to know me feel free to hit me up. Im just a loveli girl who loves her naruto manga and anime. I have always been a fan of manga and anime. So yea... :)
Activities: Hmmm activities... I dunno..singing in the shower lol. Mainly my activities revolve around me focusing on myself now and making me even better. :)
Interests: Reading and writing mainly (POETRY and NOVEL writing). Hello Kitty =) Fashion
Favorite TV Shows: Mainly anime and I sadly like reality tv to a degree Not to forget I like stuff like nat geo, history channel, and discovery channel, its true...ever since i was lil...(embraces nerdiness)
Favorite Movies: Gosh...tooo many...all sorts :)
Favorite Music: ROCK...first love period...all sorts...from heavy metal to hard rock to punk...and yea (but i love hiphop and r&b now that Im older)
Favorite Books: Stories like The Giver, True Sight, anything that has a utopian society which is actually more screwed up than good. Realistic fiction, mythical adventure novels...
Favorite Quotes: Hmmm I dunno. I have to many... "I never played with Barbies, Cuz Im my own personal doll" "step ya cookies up!!" "I dont fucks wit STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKES and SURFBOARD bitches...they need to step the cash flow up and tumble dry..." (refer to the NICtionary) "Its Barbie Bitch"

Comments (220)

u got sexier now

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

u look hoter now than u have ever been but ive been fine so whats new with u

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

do u have a facebook

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

god damn

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

who is kathy

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

wrote that on the wrong profile

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

im good just doin me...how u doin

Posted by mackenzie23 4 years ago

hey wass up

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago


Posted by Joe2184 4 years ago

been a long while mami,u kno ima come thru and show sum luv,wish we talked more but im hardly on here work be having me so tied up,hit me up sumtime u kno i enjoy talking 2 u.

Posted by Joe2184 4 years ago

i'm fine =)
just busy with college works and all

Posted by kickass007 4 years ago

hey long time no talk..

Posted by omar86100 4 years ago

**sigh** at work thot i post something..fixen to leave me office...got some work orders to follow up on ..and some migration paper work to look at..neways....was good yo..thot i say was up ..

Posted by shadowfox9889 4 years ago

I'm good Thantha do you like what they've done with the website?

Posted by aki14bobo 4 years ago

Hey wuts up? i saw one of ur comments about this stupid site change...ur cute and i agreed wit u so jus thought to hit u up

Posted by bxrepresenta 4 years ago

hmm how are those nailes comeing o.o havent been on in forever

Posted by SasukePorter 4 years ago

Aye Whats up

Posted by LilCorey 3 years ago

Wasupwasup?!jus comn thru ur spot

Posted by jjman03 3 years ago

do you have a facebook?

Posted by redbonesix 3 years ago

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