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Personal Information
Real Name: Ramon Jimenez
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: July 24th, 2010
Last Update: July 24th, 2010
About thunderhead64
Activities: Drawing, reading and playing video games!
Interests: Everything!
Favorite TV Shows: House. How I Met Your Mother.
Favorite Movies: Step Brothers. Fanboys.
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Books: Sherlock Holmes.

Comments (12)

Welcome to NC

Posted by WorldRumor 4 years ago

welcome to NC!!! ;P

Posted by Mandana 4 years ago

Welcome to NC, enjoy.

Posted by naruloco 4 years ago

already popular i see : )

Posted by kickass007 4 years ago

that was just a form of saying dude..
and very welcome to NC =)

Posted by kickass007 4 years ago

Welcome to NC

Posted by Cranestyle 4 years ago

Great fan art bud!!..keep it up

Posted by kornelious2010 4 years ago

thos pics rock dude keep it up

Posted by kuniknife 4 years ago

I like your art!~
your really good at drawing~

Posted by riceball_pocky 4 years ago

wow man, that one you did of itachi before death... Loved it man, LOVED IT!

Posted by george226 4 years ago

Wow, great drawing, buddy! Keep 'em coming, will ya? ^_^
Whenever I remember that moment, which is Itachi's last moments, I get really frustrated because Naruto has lost one of its greatest characters (if not the best). I hate that moment, I really do, but what can I do? I know this may make pathetic, but I can't help it. I'm still attached to that great character, Itachi! :/

Posted by goldeneagle999 4 years ago

sweet drawing i wish if i could draw that great

Posted by Tosaka 4 years ago