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Personal Information
Real Name: Tyya Nathaniel
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: July 12th, 2009
Last Update: August 14th, 2009
About tigreblanco728
About Me: im pretty laid back, i like to have fun, i love to laugh.
Activities: reading, watchn tv, playing my flute, hanging out w/ friends
Interests: reading/watching naruto and bleach
Favorite TV Shows: family guy, avatar, phineas and ferb, naruto, bleach,
Favorite Movies: transformers 1-2, x-men 1-3, the dark knight, star trek, harry potter 1-5
Favorite Music: anything that sounds good
Favorite Books: harry potter 1-7, twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, anything by v.c.andrews, the life of pi, books by john irving and amy tan, does manga count? (lol)

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hi!! welcome to NC~! :3 and yay an HP and Transformers fan! xDDD

Posted by cuterthanuthink 5 years ago

welcome to NC! xD

Posted by bella1025 5 years ago

hi there =)
welcome and have fun!

Posted by Janin 5 years ago

Welcome to NC! Hope ya like!

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

Welcome to NC

Posted by YunoU1Sw 5 years ago

finally a star trek fan, welcome to the NC, hit me up if u like

Posted by Radikal 5 years ago

hey whats? good welcome to nc.

Posted by omar86100 5 years ago

Hey nice smile Tyya and welcome to NC!

Posted by lance2b 5 years ago

hi welcome to nc.........

Posted by yuvaraj 5 years ago

hi welcome to nc hope u like it

Posted by Anthony_Dowdy 5 years ago

hey theeere, welcome to NC

Posted by Rayshin 5 years ago

welcome to Nc ENJOY

Posted by dennyx11 5 years ago

Hey have fun wile ur here

Posted by yadira 5 years ago

thanks for the add =)

Posted by himechan25 5 years ago

how are you today?

Posted by omar86100 5 years ago


Posted by mangekyoeternal 5 years ago


Posted by Cranestyle 5 years ago

hey welcome to nc...hope u'll enjoy being here wit us

Posted by wonderboy891 5 years ago

hey whats up

Posted by omar86100 5 years ago

hello der person i never seen before i added u hope u dont mind

Posted by lewissimilien 4 years ago

welcome to NC

Posted by MasterOfLazyness 4 years ago

Welcome ,i hope u enjoy

Posted by Eg_Virus 4 years ago