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Tobi092's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: Sazuka Urohara
Gender: Female
Country: Japan
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: January 16th, 2009
Last Update: January 16th, 2009
About Tobi092
About Me: It takes a few months to get to know me. Get over it.
Activities: None of your business, I keep to myself. (but I open up to friends only then will you know about me)
Interests: Dead things, scary things, goth things, emo things,.....must I go on?
Favorite TV Shows: Wicked Anime with the exception of Naruto
Favorite Movies: horror and action
Favorite Music: Alternative like Fallout Boy, Greatful Dead, and Three Days Grace
Favorite Books: Warriors (the cat thing)
Favorite Quotes: "HUMILIATION. You made sure no one was home. You got out the special lube and turned on your favorite porn. You forgot about Ceiling Cat. He's watching you masturbate."

Comments (2)

hey hows it goin

Posted by chidoribladetr 5 years ago

sup girl

Posted by deidaralover34567 5 years ago