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tomriddle's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: andrew
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: January 5th, 2006
Last Update: June 11th, 2011
About tomriddle
Activities: ╔═╦══╦═╗Put this in your ║╩╣║║║║║site if you support ╚═╩╩╩╩═╝Emos ღ..ღ.. ╔═╗╔═╦╦═╦╦╦═╦╦╦╗ ║║╚╣║║║║║╔╣╩╣║║║ can you read it? lolx ╚═╩╩╩═╩═╩╝╚═╩══╝
Interests: rpgS... sounds... books... anime... manga... coffee... ^O^ cooking... star gazing... magic...
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto shippuuden.. E.R. ... House... scrubs... Greys Anatomy... [V]... MTV... discovery.. nat geo..
Favorite Movies: LOTR H.Potter A Walk to Remember Star Wars transformers
Favorite Music: we the kings... the used... urbandub... new found glory... mayday parade... jimmy eat world... blink 182... secondhand serenade... boys like girls... sum 41 evanescence... my chemical romance... fallout boi... simple plan... finch... dashboard confessionals... A.A. rejects... tokio hotel... some light RnBs...
Favorite Books: Clavis Salomonis (my fave..) H.Potter.. medical-surgical.. twilight - midnight sun pathophysiology... pharmacology... microbio... philosophy...
Favorite Quotes: "In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt"

Comments (421)

ellos ^^

Posted by mixy 5 years ago


Posted by xxKawaii69Geishaxx 5 years ago

Geek power!!!

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

haha.. im staying here in my cousins house for the last 4 days now.. and im going home mamaya..hayz

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

and it was intended to be like that.. lmao XP

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

nice profile name tom riddle is and forever be the stuff he rules besides harry potter lol

Posted by sonto_ishta 5 years ago

Thanks I like your picture to :] lol

Posted by The_only_Leo 5 years ago

Hello. So.. uhh, what's up! lol.

Posted by Phonglong 5 years ago

Duh! ;P xD

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

nice profile
and pic

Posted by deidaralover34567 5 years ago

heey hru

Posted by Zioma 5 years ago

Hey I know this is kind of random but where did you get that shirt XD

Posted by XxescapethefatexX 5 years ago

i am forever a geek my dear
dont let my hotness decieve you
lmao j/k

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago


Posted by mememymushipie 5 years ago

im busy lately myself, and the semester is comeing to an end so the work is building up :D

Posted by Zioma 5 years ago

ei musta na tol! haha.. mejo nagiging busy na kaya di na masyadong nakaka online.. bout you? XD

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

Lol thanks you are very sweet

Posted by XxescapethefatexX 5 years ago

your picture is very interesting...

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

Yeah me too
Listening to him a lot lately since guys wannna suck so much..why do guys suck andrew?? Maybe u can help me..??

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

Thanks dude XDDD

Posted by HotmesS19 5 years ago

parang ganun na nga.. gwahahaha.. im still here at my cousins.. border na daw nila ako.. ahaha.. XP

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

nice pic man..........very surreal......

Posted by Sammy01 5 years ago

cool pic

Posted by imrickjames 5 years ago

you like alot of stuff

Posted by andre02031200 5 years ago

wassup Andrew dude..latest news from yer..

Posted by krezuan 5 years ago