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Personal Information
Real Name: Jenni
Gender: Female
Country: Finland
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: November 29th, 2008
Last Update: October 10th, 2009
About totally_uchiha
About Me: crazy of anime, i always do what i like and when i face something jerk, overcome as soon as possible!!!! i don't like to do what i don't like to my friends...
Activities: ~ study... (lol, this is my best damn thing ^_^) ~ read online manga at onemanga.com ~ watch anime online at animecrazy.net (FMA) ~ walk around to rent some comics or CD ~ doing my course ~ online at NC ~ watch motoGP n Formula One Race
Interests: manga, my top-rated 1. Naruto 2. Fullmetal Alchemist 3. Fairy Tail 4. Detective Conan 5. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 6. Death note and other, i can't remember all
Favorite TV Shows: )) MTV Pimp my ride )) Supernatural
Favorite Movies: Naruto Shippuden the Movie 2 - Bonds Harry Potter oh s#*t! i can't remember it all!
Favorite Music: J-Pop esp yui, hoshimura mai, ikimonogakari, Rap by EMINEM n Home Made Kazoku...
Favorite Books: Harry Potter into thin air I like nonfic book... but i like fantasy book
Favorite Quotes: - Boku wa hoshi ni naru - NO PAIN NO GAIN (i got it when playing hangoroo) - Stress will be my source of strenght, I'll keep walking my way! (HMK,easywalk)

Comments (283)

what are you doing now

Posted by thaddeus11 4 years ago

hi there

Posted by SasukePorter 4 years ago

add me just having fun xD

Posted by tharz 4 years ago

thanks for the add

Posted by tharz 4 years ago

hey there o o

Posted by kuniknife 4 years ago

Nice artwork!

Posted by choji317 4 years ago

zup? how are u?

Posted by geolanz 4 years ago

nice editing of avatar!!

Posted by Naruttom 4 years ago

Natsu! I love Fire!!!! but i hate it at the same time...xD!!!! still he is awesome ><

Posted by TacoKiller 4 years ago

so wats up??..and hows life?

Posted by Naruttom 4 years ago

yo your photo is alsome word

Posted by tatkao 4 years ago

yup..naruto and bleach regularly!!...and from ur interests it seems u read a lot of them!!

Posted by Naruttom 4 years ago

how are u harigato

Posted by tharz 4 years ago

check out my forum! REGISTER and hang around!


Posted by chancep 4 years ago

Heya hows it going!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by konatakawaii 4 years ago

hi, how are you???

Posted by sarga 4 years ago

do you know any secrets about the Uchiha? lol haha n_n nice pics you could be Sakura lol if you dye your hair pink and cut it and it would look like the pic you have up ther

Posted by powelltowel 4 years ago

i dont know what i can say... in Polish it it zajebisty in English i dont know....
your description is awsome

Posted by Shukumei 4 years ago

hey how are you doing

Posted by thaddeus11 4 years ago

i see you like cosplay xD i'm planning on doing one on sasuke... but i'm not sure yet
...but i swear it won't be anything yaoi xD
have a nice day,

Posted by uchihahebi 4 years ago

hi there

Posted by Mangekyo-Itachi 4 years ago

Janin long time non-seen you!!! XD

Posted by Davey_Davey 4 years ago

Jenni long time no talk. I saw u were on line thought I'd say hi. Hi

Posted by cat-man-do 4 years ago

u dont need 2 thank me, thank u

Posted by Mangekyo-Itachi 4 years ago

hey there!!!...how hav u been???

Posted by Naruttom 4 years ago