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Personal Information
Real Name: Tristan Prince
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 19 years old
Join Date: January 20th, 2009
Last Update: January 21st, 2009
About tristprince914
About Me: Im pretty much just a laid back guy who likes making pple laugh,especially these 2 crazy out of control girls with fucked up minds..just ask if theres anythin else u want 2 know. ╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your ║╩╣║║║║║ page if you are or support ╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ Emos ♥.♥.♥. ╔══╗╔══╦╗Put this on your ║╔═╬╩╗╔╣╚═╗channel if you ║╚╝║╬║║║╔╗║are or support ╚══╩═╩╝╚╝╚╝Goth.
Favorite Movies: The Bank Job,Iron Man
Favorite Books: Twilight

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