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Personal Information
Real Name: Marilu Jaime
Gender: Female
Country: Puerto Rico
Age: 18 years old
Join Date: November 22nd, 2008
Last Update: December 20th, 2008
About Tsuki_Kasumi
About Me: I'm very shy and strong willed, I don't like to fight but if you mess with me or the people I love the most (MY friends) you are into a hell of a trouble cause I won't stop until I have my revenge.
Activities: In my spare time I like to draw and write my own stories. Is so cool for me to live in MY world.
Interests: Books, Manga, Anime series, japanese boys and fighting stuff. (guns and knives are my faves)
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Ben10: Alien Force, D-gray man and Yugioh (any series from the original to 5ds)
Favorite Movies: The fifth Element, The covenant, Twilight and Naruto: the broken bonds.
Favorite Music: JRock and JPop
Favorite Books: Twilight series and the Eragon series
Favorite Quotes: "There's always a light in the end of the tunnel"

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Posted by yuvaraj 5 years ago

my pleasure to hav a beautiful frnd........nice pic you've got.....

Posted by yuvaraj 5 years ago

hey welcome to nc i'm princedarkshadow but u can call me prince or pds

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago