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Tsunami_Uchiha_San's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: Karissa
Gender: Female
Country: Indonesia
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: April 11th, 2009
Last Update: May 18th, 2009
About Tsunami_Uchiha_San
About Me: That's all. 4 Indonesians: Plz visit www.wikieinfo.blogspot.com
Activities: school, having fun
Interests: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, blogging, editing, visiting Oddee.com
Favorite TV Shows: naruto, room 401, and stuff like weird facts of life and pranks and I like Pimp My Ride too!
Favorite Movies: Naruto, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Artificial Intelligence, Jaws
Favorite Music: Anything that suits the ear
Favorite Books: Naruto, Death Note, encyclopedia, and whatever that I'm interested in
Favorite Quotes: -Shit Happens

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Posted by leyeye 5 years ago

i like all your fan art im thaddeus11

Posted by thaddeus11 5 years ago

hi long time no see. hows it going

Posted by whswhs 5 years ago


Posted by NumberListFive 4 years ago

if you have any problem, i can be your doctor.

Posted by syah_rul2207 4 years ago

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