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Personal Information
Real Name: Michael Uchenna Adimonye
Gender: Male
Age: 31 years old
Join Date: June 10th, 2008
Last Update: July 22nd, 2009
About ucheadims06
About Me: Always on point, focused, go-getter, an achiever against all odds. Got Plans to help make the world a better place....just simply Gifted from the Big Man above.(...I say a lot of crap sometimes)
Activities: basketball, football, video games, manga cartoon n gud movies
Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, 24
Favorite Movies: Transformers, Pirates of the Carribean, X-Men...etc
Favorite Music: Any gud music...be it reggae, RnB, Hip-Hop, Afro Hip-Hop, Pop, Country... etc
Favorite Quotes: Do you and let me do me...

Comments (4)

thank youuu
I'm tryin' to do the best!

Posted by BlackArtGirl 5 years ago

just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing. =)

Posted by himechan25 5 years ago

sorry i havent gotten back to you, its been raining so much here and my place is flooded so im really stressed out. lol i hope you are doing well =D

Posted by himechan25 5 years ago

lol, yeah the waters have receded. im doing well, busy with school. how have you been? xx

Posted by himechan25 5 years ago