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Comments (5)

look man uruhara never help ichigo get his banki it was the black ckick that helped him using uruharas technique

Posted by mikemydog 5 years ago

i've answer your quiz 100% :D some prize ? :D it was easy one ;;)

Posted by nephila 5 years ago

Your quiz is way off. #1,"How did ichigo obtain his shinigami power?" He got his shinigami power from his Dad, but it was unlocked by Rukia with the stabbing in the first episode. None of your choices are remotely close. #2, "How did Ichigo get his bankai?" Ichigo trained using Urahara's technique under Yoruichi's guidance. He fought Zangetsu for almost 4 days. Again, no choices are correct.

Posted by hemuro 5 years ago

Cont. #3, "What is Byakuyas Zanpaktou name?" You were close here, it is Senbon Sakura. Sen is One thousand. Sakura is cherry blossom. That also answers #4, "What does the name mean?". Close enought, your choices were.

Posted by hemuro 5 years ago

cont. #5, "When Ichigo fought Byakuya who won the fight?" Well Byakuya won, but he gave up when his sword broke. Ichigo was already defeated. So it is a trick question, but technically a tie. #6, "What move makes Ichigos inner hollow take more control of him?" you got this one right, Getsuga Tenshou. Though this question is now invalid.

Posted by hemuro 5 years ago