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Created by Varggoth

I belive in: - Murphy's laws. - Chaos theory. - Paranormals. - The infinite monkey theorem. - "What goes around comes around". - "The ends justify the means". - "Survival of the fittest". - "Less is more". I: - Am metathesiophobic. - Am suicidal. - Am smart. - Am sarcastic. - Am minimalistic. - Am messy. - Am *very* dirty minded. - Am usually cold. - Am usually quiet. - Am usually bored. - Am a utilization/optimization freak. - Am a geek. - Am a visual person. - Cheat. - Lie. - Curse.. A LOT :D. - Drink a lot of water. - Don't probably care about anything you care about. - Cry, sometimes. - Hate by default. - Probably have lied to you before. - Admit it when I'm wrong. - ..Unless I can keep arguing :D. - Take cheap shots. - Hate a LOT of things. - Care about fine details. - Have high standards. - Like pushing things to the edge just for the fun of it. - Ask the tough questions. - Get disappointed a lot. - Have a pride (which's a huge decision/action-altering "force" for me). - Have a be2a-fetish :D. - Am NOT a metalhead. - Am NOT an Arab (yet Egyptian). - Am NOT romantic. - Am NOT always monogamous. - Am NOT too social. - Am NOT patient. - Am NOT shy to get up close and personal. - Am NOT homophobic (unlike most of you). Likes: - Myself. - Windows Live Messenger. - Opera. - Adobe Photoshop. - RSS. - Movies. - Music. - Knowing how much this list is going to be shorter than the one above :D. - The “:D” emoticon :D. - Water (yes simple H2O lol). - Knowing that I’m better than you. - Quietness. - Sleeping. - Someone telling me about something we shared many years ago. - When someone remembers my birthday without needing Facebook for it! - When someone calls just to say hi. - My email address :D. - Dark comedy. - Sarcasm. - Quoting corny Arabic comedy movies :D. - Laughing. - Paying back, taking revenge, having vendetta.. lol whatever you call it. - Mobile skits/prank calls, and so :D. - Closer ♥. - Mohamed Mounir. - Girls' REALLY childish "designs" done on Paint :D. - Garlic. - Thick pencils. - Consistency. - Predictability. - Documentries. - Kamelot ♥, symphonic power metal in general. - Demotivational posters. Dislikes: - Whiners. - Tamer Hosni. - Tamer Hosni. - Tamer Hosni's fans. - Tamer Hosni's imitators. - Acoustic guitars (in the hand of Egyptians). - Girls thinking acting dumb is cute. - Dumb girls. - Literal translations. - Religious terrorism (even verbal one). - Racism. - Stereotyping. - Discrimination. - Egyptian Metalheads. - People wearing black all the time. - People knowing little-to-no English and yet insisting on writing/talking in English. - People telling me I should cut/do-something-about my hair. - People with 2847 friend on Facebook that they know fraction that number of them, AKA attention whores. - Attention whores. - Gulf. - Gulfians. - KSA. - TV. - Reality shows, especially Star Academy. - Modern Academy. - Winning Eleven. - Pop music. - People saying Marilyn Manson is gay!! How ignorant is that?! - Guys in Computer Science and not knowing SHIT about computers. - People telling me what to do. - Change.. I HATE CHANGING! - People just write "I DoN't KnOw" or "i HaTe Re@ding" or "no one cane take about hiself" in their Facebook’s information! For god's sake if you don't know or you hate reading so much -because you're basically an ignorant- just leave it blank!! - People WrItInG LiKe ThIS. - Sees. - My family. - My high school. - Nokia. - People getting Nokia phone just because "et3wdo 3aleha"! Ehh.. How hard would be getting used to a phone?! Two days?! Hard-fucking-work! - Cars. - Soccer. - Soccer fanatics. - America's "war on terror". - Fanboys. - Apple. - Apple fanboys. - Pretty boys. - Ahmed 3ezz. - Copycats. - Math. - Waiting. - Guys who see men as the superior gender and women as second-class "7arem" lol. - Girls who -arrogantly- think that the whole world is out to get her and that anyone cares! - People (like girls above) putting pictures for people other than themselves on Facebook (all the time), it's called FACEbook not your-favorite-celebrity-picture-book! - Fat girls wearing tight clothes. - Crowd. - Britney Spears. - Paris Hilton. - The Insider. - Feasts. - When I’m out of credits. - Costa Coffee. - Costa Coffee. - COSTA COFFEE!! - Chili’s. - Pizza King. - Sbarro. - Wessaya. - Kissing ass. - A Walk to Remember :S. - Bad cops/officers. - Abusing power 3amtan. - Internet fights. - Guys being big mouths over the internet. - Fridays (the days not TGI Friday’s, I ♥ TGIF). - Dumb foreigners thinking I live in a tent! - Nudging on MSN. - Veiled girls with slutty clothes. - Sluts. - Guys playing Techno cranked up on their cars thinking that this is “the ‘kewl’ way to do it”. - Over-friendly waiters. - People changing their nickname/personal message/display picture every single minute on MSN! - People blaming everything on the government. - Egyptian taxi drivers. - People telling me I should learn how to drive and get a car. - Guys being horny over the internet. - Dick-driven Egyptians. - People considering girls who curse/smoke sluts by default. - Smoking. - Doing drugs. - Spring. - People living the American-dream (or any other country’s dream for that matter).. If you’re a loser here then there’s a high chance that you’d travel to be a loser as well, traveling would do nothing about that. - Spamming. - Java. - People with zillion application on their profile. - Chain emails. - Probably you. - MySpace. - Hi5. - Surprises, even good ones! - People whining about Palestine and how we should help them as if we're problem-free! - People writing stuff like "Muslim and proud", just dull :S Did anyone ever say that you shouldn't be proud of being whatever? that you need to "highlight" it? - People thinking that guys who cry are sissies. - People bragging how many times they shower. - People stereotyping me into being be2a/sees/junkie/loser.. etc just for being in modern-5ara-academy. - My mobile number. - Censorship. - Noise. - Small talk. - Harassing girls. - Westlife. - Cheap horror flicks. - Rapidshare. - People wearing flip-flops outdoors :S. - Guys calling flip-flops "slippers". - Ballerinas. - Skinny jeans. - "Spanish" veil-tie. - Girls matching brown with turquoise :S now that hurts my eyes! - The "you deserve someone better" crap :S. - Crappy designs, bevel and emboss, head-fucked's with Photoshop. - People with an emoticon for every goddamn letter on MSN! - People on MSN with nicknames/personal messages like "don't talk, studying", why the fuck are you online then?! and even, you can just set it to busy and ignore whoever talks :S. - I Am Legend. - British accent. - People with babies' pictures in their display/profile pictures.. ughh! - Daniel Craig. - When someone doesn't get my jokes! - ...Which brings us to dumb people (I'm sure I mentioned it along the way bas no harm in mentioning it again :D). - Girls with assholes for boyfriends and yet doing nothing about it. - When I don't get an inside joke.. that feeling sucks.. - The fucking site where people make their photos old-hippy-looking :S GROW THE FUCK UP! it's not funny nor cool! thank you! - Being everyone's tech support. - People pressing enter instead of using commas on msn. - People saying *el* Facebook, it's a name! - When someone *asks* if it's okay to *ask* a question! I mean it's mind-baffling how can a question be so illogical, stupid and time-wasting! - Music files with bad/no tags. - "Aywa ba2a" :/. - Prolog. - Count downs. - People confusing having low self esteem with being humble. - People connecting decency to religiousness. - Preachers.