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Personal Information
Real Name: kylian
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: October 26th, 2007
Last Update: February 5th, 2009
About wannafightno
About Me: kind of a mellow guy, not that aggresive more like a pet:PXD hehehe btw i'm kind of weird but you found that ound in the first sentence din't you;)
Activities: playing basketball,fitnes and wel, you know .......girls...:O
Interests: basketball, soccer, NARUTO!
Favorite TV Shows: married with childeren and hero's
Favorite Movies: the butterfly effect
Favorite Music: bacchikoi baccikoi baby!XD
Favorite Books: the hobbit. the only book i ever really had the time to readXD
Favorite Quotes: oooow how the hunk is here, he's living in a wheel chair! and : YATTAAA! HELLO NEW YORK!( hiro nakamura hero's :P)

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