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Personal Information
Real Name: Robert Dyal
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: September 6th, 2008
Last Update: March 13th, 2010
About whitefang123
About Me: i am an easy going guy. i like to hangout with my friends whenever i can. if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask.
Activities: hanging out with friends, playing playstation or xbox, i like to do anything that is fun
Interests: i like hanging out with my friends
Favorite TV Shows: House, NCIS, Family Guy, South Park, Clevland Show, Simpsons, American Dad, Heroes, and Rob Dyrdek: Fantasy Factory
Favorite Movies: i like a lot of movies too many to name and there really isnt a specific one that is my favorite
Favorite Music: pretty much any music
Favorite Books: same as movies
Favorite Quotes: you will never beat me

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