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Personal Information
Real Name: Byran
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: April 3rd, 2009
Last Update: April 3rd, 2009
About XIts_just_meX
About Me: mhmm well there is nothing really to talk about here everything up there filled it up ._. Oh I am mostly SCENE! NOT emo! OK! Don't judge someone for the way they dress....
Activities: I'm in a band, It's called camisado.... I am bass guitar yeah, but I like taking random pictures, and hanging out with friend most of all that's where all the funny things happen
Interests: mhmm well trying to get my band out in the world...
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto *duh*, Death note, Bleach, *even though I don't watch TV that much just so you know!* mhmm And the new so I know what's going on in the world, and yeah that's really about it * I am sticking with memory people...*
Favorite Movies: Silent Hill, The hills have eyes, All of the scary movies, epic movie, Exorcist, and Twilight *mhmm not so much but if they had better actors it would be a lot better*
Favorite Music: Escape the fate, Slipknot, Korn, Atryeu, Maximum the Hormone, Dot dot curve, Metro Station and many many more
Favorite Books: Maximum Ride, All the Twilight books, Stephen Kings novels, And a whole bunch of others I can't remember them D:
Favorite Quotes: You can talk your shit! But you make me famous! You ignoramus!

Comments (38)

hey wats up
n welcome

Posted by xAnastasiaTashax 5 years ago

Hey, welcome to naruto central! See ya soon.

Posted by Temaricutie 5 years ago

Welcome welcome

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

Hey..Welcome to NC ^,...,^ How r ya?

Posted by nikec123 5 years ago

Hey ! I agree with don't judge people by the way that they dress ! People it is called stereotyping and it is WRONG !

Posted by Pein4ever 5 years ago


Posted by animefreakk666 5 years ago

hey, whats up?

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

hellow there..welcome to nc. ^_^

Posted by SutRih7 5 years ago

Hey Ryan ._.

Posted by XxthexfloodxX 5 years ago

hello!!!! =]

Posted by yrrrzvl 5 years ago

add me plz

Posted by gaara359 5 years ago

like hello ;]
and like,awesome look ;]

Posted by mixy 5 years ago

nice style dude...
have fun,,,,

Posted by lolmar 5 years ago

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