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Personal Information
Real Name: Tiffany
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: February 16th, 2009
Last Update: March 14th, 2009
About xX_SakuraHaruno_Xx
About Me: ♥.♥.♥.
Activities: texter.
Interests: i cheer, i do gymnastics, i dance and all that lame shit i have been forced to do since i was five
Favorite TV Shows: tv is for losers, aka lazy
Favorite Music: katy perry, veronicas, ting tings, demi lovato and jonas brothers (yeah this chicks gotta love em) Taylor Swift and anything on 92.1 (rap and r/b) 101.1 (rock) 94.5 (mixed/contemporary) I love any country music so deal
Favorite Quotes: as far as I am concerned your just another picture to burn-taylor

Comments (71)

welcome to NC your extremley pretty btw

Posted by jaketyja777 5 years ago

welcome to NC..............!

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

huh that was my attempt at being funny i guess it didnt go over very well

Posted by DuNeSeEkeR6498 5 years ago

dats a unique picture

Posted by ecua_gangsta 5 years ago

lol not sayin iz bad..welcome 2 nc =P

Posted by ecua_gangsta 5 years ago

o.O prettiest girl around

Posted by DEVIL92 5 years ago

lol nice pic hit meh up some time there

Posted by acegamer51 5 years ago

Nice to meet you

Posted by Killersharp 5 years ago

Welcome, beautiful!

Posted by choji317 5 years ago

Welcome, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by thral 5 years ago

hi welcome 2 nc =]

Posted by NarutoGirl127 5 years ago

you have like, barbie-doll hair lol
no offense tho =P

Posted by punkgirl913 5 years ago

hye...u like baby

Posted by malaygate 5 years ago


Posted by tizoy 5 years ago


Posted by coolieo123 5 years ago

what is every naruto fan emo no offense but theres alot

Posted by jutsuking93 5 years ago

Hey do u live in VA? cause i also listen to power 92.1 and Q94 all da time in richmond.

Posted by bleachvsnaruto 5 years ago

hahahahahahahahahahaha hello !!!

Posted by emo45 5 years ago

look at my pic

Posted by andre02031200 5 years ago

near henrico?

Posted by bleachvsnaruto 5 years ago

Jeez a lot of views but anyways hey

Posted by XdropXdeadX 5 years ago

hey "tiff" whats up

Posted by emo45 5 years ago

hey how are you

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 5 years ago

hahahahahahahaha nm

Posted by emo45 5 years ago

yes why??

Posted by emo45 5 years ago