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XXAFineMessXX's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: XXAFineMessXX
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: February 10th, 2009
Last Update: February 24th, 2009
About XXAFineMessXX
About Me: Hi im Ashley, Love me or hate me, thats YOUR choice. Well, im usually a friendly and easy going person and usually quite talkative. Be yourself~~~Its more funn Adding double letters is the shitt! The Phantom of the Opera------A MUST SEE ^.^ Bright Colours are funn and so is your mom. *cough cough*
Activities: Hanging out with friends, reading, watching tv, singing, sleeping, and being on the computer....ha, i have no life. ^.^
Interests: sleeping. lol bugging people, eating hot wings, and sit next to jesus, and having ana watch what im doing, and exposing anas name to the WHOLE WORlD!
Favorite TV Shows: that 70s show, What i like about you, The Secret Life, iCarly, and several others.
Favorite Movies: The Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, and JUNO!
Favorite Music: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!~Paramore~Slipknot~The Used~Mindless Self Indulgence~Chiodos~The Fray~Hawthorne Heights~All That Remains~Guns n Roses~ Seether~Staind~Scorpions~Def Leppard~Velvet Revolver~Avenged Sevenfold~Blue October~***MARIACHI***~Flyleaf~30 Seconds to Mars~The Beatles~Taking Back Sunday~Kill Hannah~We The Kings~Aiden~DJ Tiesto~Tokio Hotel~Hey Monday~Twisted Sister~Marilyn Manson~BassHunter~Benni Bennassi~Creed~Nickelback~Underoath~Murder Dolls~Breaking Benjamin~The Offspring~3 doors down~Metallica~Escspe the Fate~Hollywood Undead~Panic at the Disco~The Veronicas~ACDC~Good Charlotte~From First to Last~Cute is what we aim for~Say Anything~Deathcab for cutie~Poison~Boys like Girls~Hello Goodbye~A Perfect Circle~Eminem(haha)~Circa Survive~Saosin~Seether~Lacuna Coil~Evanescence~Atreyu~and soooooooooo much more.
Favorite Books: Night.
Favorite Quotes: When life gives u lemons, squirt them in peoples eyes.

Comments (102)

Hi there.. Nice pic but why are ya looking down? With that pose you probably have a cute face aswell don't you? =). Wanna chat some?
And believe me i'll be myself!

Posted by lance2b 4 years ago

nice picture...and nice tit's....=.=
just kidding nice to meet u all

Posted by koukkin_oniisama 4 years ago

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