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Personal Information
Real Name: Tiffany
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: May 11th, 2010
Last Update: May 11th, 2010
About xXxWolfSacrificexXx
About Me: I listed it up there!-Points up-.... Random Person:They mean about yopu culture and stuff! Me:...oh-Sweatdrop- Well.....here's and eqaution! ^-^(Do't worry I'm giving ya the answer!)50%Mexican + 50 Cuban+100% Latin! xD lolz So yea...I'm a VERY Happy-Go-Lucky person also very ENERGTIC! ^///^
Activities: Reading Manga,Playing Video Games,DeviantART(ByTheWay is akatsuki4life13)! x3,Youtube,Playing w/ meh Puppy;Snowy and other stuff...
Interests: Naruto,Anime,Music(Rock),Drawing and...Stuff
Favorite TV Shows: Alright herez mehs scale 1-10!: 1.Ghost Adventures 2.NAruto + Naruto Shippuden 3.Ghost Hunters 4.Chowder 5.Adventure Time! 6.Ouran high School Host Club 7.The Penguins of MAdasgar(Cant spell it! x3) ......guess there's no..8....and the other numbers...
Favorite Movies: Naruto Movies,Nightmare Before Chrostmas,9,Ice Age 3
Favorite Music: ....Rock Duh!Here'z a lil' adding of your truely! Fav Bandz:(Hellz ya!) Linkin PArk,GReen Day,Evanescene,Marron 5,MyChemicalRomance,Fall Out Boy,Adam Lambert,Katy Perry,Lady GaGa,Shakira,Juanes,Ke$ha,The Killers,Metro Staion,Beyonce(a lil'),Papa Roach,Beastie Boyz,Rise Againest,Hikaru Utada,Paramore,Finger Eleven,The Offspring,....and thats it...i guess.....So ya! x3
Favorite Books: MAnga,Fang,MArley + Me.......Please Notice Twilight is NOT here..the reason being I SCREW IT! XD Buahahaha!!!
Favorite Quotes: Immature:A word used by people who DON'T know how to have fun + A good friend will bail you outta jail a BEST friend will sit next to you and say"Damn..What did I do wrong???"

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