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My name is Joe Mamma, most people just call me LJ, I'm really into wrestling, MMA, and other types of fighting. I'm a very open minded person, and I respect all ppl, I'm a pretty calm and cool person but if i get really mad, stay the H-E-Double hockey stick away from me, LOL. I'm also a very complex person, I'm a little nerdy cuz I'm smart, but I'm also kind of a jock cuz I luv and am pretty good at sports.Sometimes, I can be ruthless and cold-hearted and at others I'm sensitive, kind and a very luving person. I'm really into video games, I need at least 3 hours every day, but I still exercise daily. I've been a member of NC for about 2 years now, this is my second account, I deleted my old one cuz I think someone hacked it. I've just started to learn to play acoustic guitar, so if anyone has any tips or advice, plz let me know, I appreciate it, I'm learning to play by myself, I don't have a teacher or anything