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Personal Information
Real Name: Monique Yrarrazaval
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: January 29th, 2008
Last Update: September 28th, 2009
About yrrrzvl
About Me: I LOVE ANIME!!!! Naruto Bleach DeathNote Tail of the moon and much more!!!!!!!!
Activities: Talking/chatting Reading Listing to music Watching movies Drawing Eating Hanging Out With Friends And Family
Interests: Family,Friends,Reading,Music,Movies,Anime!!!!!
Favorite Books: The Harry Potter Series The Twilight Saga Comic/Manga Books Scar Tissues

Comments (89)

hey buddy. thanks for the add. you seem cool

Posted by tecroy 4 years ago

Happy Valentine's day to you my friend ^_^ I don't like such days

Posted by ramarsl 4 years ago

happy valentines day!

Posted by tecroy 4 years ago

Hey! I'm good and you..how was you day?

Posted by Mart92 4 years ago

Hi there!!!, I know ..I been good thanks, wtb u?

Posted by Mart92 4 years ago

yeah, its been a while. i havent logged on here... im doing fine and u?

Posted by ramarsl 4 years ago

hay! wats up? thankx for the add dude!

Posted by gazz_93 4 years ago

its going well almost done for the summer my last final is tomorrow morning woo and Naruto is magic right now

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

oh yea cool..i guess XD...hope u do good on them...school is ok XD..next week we are taking some exam call SCT i think ....life is good...what are u studying again in college...

Posted by Mart92 4 years ago

I am so busy too... cant even watch animes PPP

Posted by ramarsl 4 years ago

heyy thanksss

Posted by Senbonzakara 4 years ago

hello what is up?

Posted by tecroy 4 years ago

so how are u?

Posted by espada1231 4 years ago


Posted by PUERTORICANBEAST 4 years ago

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