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Personal Information
Real Name: Stephy Ruiz
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: March 8th, 2009
Last Update: October 26th, 2009
About yuffieChan1
Interests: I really like drawling. its something i can do that makes me feel awesome lol sometimes, when the drawlings come out right. <br /> i also play tennis, and im varsity at my school. theres a lot of things i like to do cause i like doing almost anything that sounds fun.
Favorite TV Shows: NARUTO! of course, and a bunch of other anime. full metal alchemist, ouran host club, bleach. and then of course theres americas best dance crew. quest crew all the way!!(go D-Trix)
Favorite Movies: Pine Apple Express
Favorite Music: i listen to a lot of different things. like screamo, r&amp;b, some rap, rock, metal, techno/house...ext.<br /> some of my favorite bands are from first to last, as i lay dying, linkin park, the killers, taking back sunday, and a lot more. i also love 3oh!3
Favorite Books: TWILIGHT omg edward XD

Comments (92)


Posted by yuvaraj 5 years ago

hola =]

Posted by Nexus_92 5 years ago

Keep up with the drawings...

Posted by Ramer 5 years ago

hey how summer

Posted by missyrockstar 5 years ago

what up?

Posted by Nexus_92 5 years ago

Have a nice summer Stephy

Posted by Ramer 5 years ago

good i just got back from Canada

Posted by missyrockstar 5 years ago

ur welcome very much

Posted by Lumina-16 5 years ago

just to let you know, yuffie is an awesome girl from kingdom hearts, shes my favorite character from k.h.

Posted by Temaricutie 5 years ago

nothing much also just hanging around

Posted by Nexus_92 5 years ago

Have a nice summer!! Stephy!!

Posted by Ramer 5 years ago

how r u?

Posted by Uchiha-Adam 5 years ago

Good luck with school!!!

Posted by Ramer 5 years ago


Posted by acethat10 4 years ago

so wuts up

Posted by teleporter 4 years ago

hello sup

Posted by tatkao 4 years ago

nice art

Posted by momochiro 4 years ago

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