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z-existence's Polls

Question Responses
Speed contest 9
Now that Naruto is off to the war,the first one to fight with him will be... 30
What about Naruto\'s marks in the face? 9
What\'s Black Zetsu\'s combat level?? (including everything we\'ve seen from the manga) 3
Will Naruto and Bee complete the training soon enough to go wild in the war?? 9
What kind of range will Naruto\'s new rasengan have? 8
Do you think Dan\'s and Asuma\'s souls will be released in the same way that Sai\'s brother\'s was? 6
Are you relieved that the posting section of the manga is back to normal? 1
Are we finally gonna see Konoha\'s teens fight once again soon? 5
Which Akatsuki will battle with Naruto first? 15
Cant Naruto enter the Kyubi-cloack mode right now? 81
Judjing by what we witnessed so far the "Flying Thunder God" tech could have: 72
Now that Naruto has separated the "mind"from the "chakra".. 47
Kushina,by saying "my chackra's a bit special you know", means.. 103
Which one's more pretty? 42
Has Killerbee personally known Kushina? 23
Has Naruto finally become the greatest shinobi of the leaf EVER?(manga499) 65
Could Naruto's attitude change now? 39
You think Biju with more tails are stronger than those with less? 69
What do you think about Bee's behaviour towards Naruto's jinchuuriki training? 33
You think dark naruto can be beaten with brute force? 33
Killer-Bee Vs Raikage??And the winner is: 48
You think Kabuto... 53
Kisame vs Naruto just after Kyubi's Mastery? 72
You think Naruto will be much stronger if he controls the Kyubi? 70
You think we'll get to see Naruto's friends fight in the war? 61
What might "that Jutsu" be?(last manga 489) 108
So due to new evidence Naruto will learn to controll the Kyubi.. 56
How can both Yondaime's and Raikage's tech be "Body fliker"? 24
Assuming the fourth's ability is a bloodline-limit,it combines.. 91
What about Sasuke fleeing this fight? 51
Is Yondaime's teleportation technique a bloodline limit ability? 11
Could Naruto petrify someone if he atempted genjutsu in sage mode? 8
Are you dissapointed that we didn't get to see Lee fight?(manga) 7
Will naruto hunt down Sakura too now? 10
Should Naruto listen to Gaara concerning Sasuke and hokage's responsibility? 15
What could be the greatest sage mode feat of nNaruto? 12
Can Yamato alone bring Naruto back to his sences? 13
Do you think that from now on we will finally see Naruto battling more? 55
could Sasuke have used mangekyo to break the forbitten technique for a brief moment? 40
Is Danzo still holding back? 29
What about Sasuke's vison? 69
The first Hokage is impmlied to have the sages body what do you think? 67
What about Naruto? 39
Do you think Itachi is just a Tsukuyomi halutination? 45
Did you get ennervated that some of the fights where interupted? 35
Will Naruto actually listen to Gaara? 34
Who would you like to win in this 2vs1? 20
Do you agree with the way Gaara presented? 35
Which do you look forward to the most? 83
Do you like kisame's fusion form?(regardles of the jutsus) 48
Will anyone manage to restrain naruto as the Kages have decided? 56
Who do you think will cach up to Sasuke first? 66
You think that Naruto just now realised he likes Hinata more than Sakura? 43
What would you like Naruto to do? 59
You think Naruto doesnt have a pull towards Sakura anymore? 23
Will naruto extend his sage mode's duration soon? 32
Are we gonna see what happens with the key-toad jiraya freed? 67
What would you propose to be done about Sasuke? 55
Naruto:will he meet Sasuke on his own or with the other Konoha teens? 154
You think Kisame is gonna play an important role and show extraordinary Jutsu? 167
Will Kabuto eventually have a Kage's strength? 114
How many battles you think are left before "Naruto" comes to an end? 77
You think Naruto's second element will be fire? 83
You think Tsunade had fallen in love with Jiraya after he returned from training Nagato? 82
Which is the best 1 on 1 Shippuuden fight that we've seen in the manga?? 185
Do you think that through these polls we offer help to Mr. Kishimoto? 67
Will we fiiinally see neji fight in the shippuuden manga? 53
Will we finally see what happens between Naruto and Hinata? 97
Can Gaara help Naruto in his quests as the Kazekage?(become hokage and capture Sasuke) 86
You think it's impossible for naruto to butt in in sasukes fight and rescue him? 52
What about Naruto's Sage outfit? 78
Are you looking forward to seeing Konohas teens Battle in the manga? 97
You think Jiraya Vs Pain will last more than 4 episodes? 61
You think Madara will make a move against Naruto Kakashi and Yamato after the talk? 67
Who will eventually take down Sasuke?(not many want to kill him anyway :-P) 125
Sasuke almost lost to killerbee with his team on his side,what about Raikage? 74
Do you think Naruto has a chance if he fights against Madara as he is now? 109
Don't you think that it was too lame for resenshuriken to loose to a shira tensei? 78
Can any ninja-non-fire-type technique surpass the rasenshuriken in strength?? 71
Do you think Naruto's reaction to these developments was the right one? 69
How would you feel if after the 2 battlles of sasuke fillers started poping up again? 72
As far as you know Naruto..what will he do now? 86
What do you think the revolution Naruto will lead will be like? 79
Should Naruto become at least a special Jounnin now? 108
Do you think that the author set it for Naruto to be on a mission when Sasuke arives? 54
What do9 you think of the elder's decision? 42
Does Sasuke give a damn about whether his former teammates die? 124
Have you forgiven Nagato now? 110
Did you ever think Nagato would change so drasticly? 49
Are you satisfied by Naruto's answer? 58
Poll about those who believe Kakashi is still alive:Why do you belive that? 95
Will Nagato finally change his mind about how peace should be brought? 70
Naruto:Is it possible for him to further improve his skills?(not with the kyubi) 118
You think that Nagato's story ,so far,justifies what he did to Jiraya and Konoha? 87
Tired of waiting for Nagato's story to come to en end? 100
You think Sasuke will eventually die in the manga series??? 120
If Naruto had killed pain without hearing him out,would'nt he be just like Sasuke? 118
Should pain dife for what he's done? 54
Do YOU aproove of pains thinking? 72
Pain..do you like him?And in what way? 69
FUN POLL: Who could satisfy an anime woman's natural needs better? XD 118
JUTSU:What element would you prefer ?(not bloodlines and light/dark) 138
Will Tsunade transfer the title of Hokage to Naruto now? 159
Neji Vs Konan,would you really like to see that?? 89
Naruto,what do you like most about him? 92
Suposing God realm gets beaten by Naruto:How will it be done? 142
Will Naruto become the sixth Hokage? 140
Tsukuyomi...Will Naruto be able to counter it somehow? 142
Which of the following characters could play an important part in later chapters? 126
Who will Naruto face next? 111
Who is beter suited to be with Naruto? 187
Will naruto make use of the second sage clone that he left behind now?? 69
Will naruto(in sage mode) now be able to face God realm as equals? 110
Do you think naruto will still be able to totally beat pain on his own? 148
What do you think about filler episodes(those not included in the manga)? 100
Who would survive??(talking about a rumble battle,all vs all..) 140
Who will find Pain's current hideout? 76
Whitch will be the next battle(after everything with Pain is over)?? 173
What woul you say about Naruto sage vs Jiraya sage now?(no frogs) 170
What do you think of episode 434? 80
You think that Naruto: 113
You think Sasuke deserves to die for what he wants to achieve?(recent manga episodes) 135

Created by z-existence

I am writing a lot of polls so i would say curious..Need your opinion on them too :D try answering!Some results become manga realities :)