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Fandom News: I no longer even pretend to understand Japan

Posted by artistxforever 3 years ago   -  


I love the weird things I find on the internet.

I love it more that I can share these things with you.

Apparently a woman named Kazumi, known as an "animation dancer," has been making her rounds in Japan for her unique abilities. She even has a world record. But what does she do, exactly?

It's uh...this sort of weird...sliding, crawling, dancing, split thing. And Kazumi has a world record for "traveling" ten meters in this fashion the fastest. I don't know if I should call this exotic? Erotic? Disturbing? Maybe all three? Really, I'm not sure if you should be turned on or creeped out.

Maybe you should see it for yourself.

[via Japan Probe]

News Comments (8)

I'M In love, the move at 1:06 won me over

Posted by roman727 3 years ago

wtf was that?
should i call it robot dance or puppet dance?
i'm sure she's not human

Posted by Malious 3 years ago

XD hahahah wtf???

Posted by mary6668 3 years ago

This is old. I saw this when she won best "robot" dance competition a few years ago.

Posted by fondyboi 3 years ago

Quoting fondyboiThis is old. I saw this when she won best "robot" dance competition a few years ago.

Old doesn't mean uninteresting.

Posted by artistxforever 3 years ago

Honestly... too weird. I'd prefer a normal girl. lol

Posted by naruloco 3 years ago

i think this show would be fun to watch.

Posted by fantmclwd 3 years ago

If this is what girls dance like in japan, I'm glad i moved to America a few couple generations back.

Posted by Nejijiji 3 years ago