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Answers to a few recent questions...

Posted by Tom 5 years ago   -  


Q: Why can't I log in to my old account?<br />
A: Chances are, your username has a space in it. We eliminated the use of spaces for usernames so when usernames were transferred over, those who have spaces' usernames automatically stopped working. We're trying to fix things by just removing the space in your username. If you are one of these users, then email me and we'll work on fixing it. We're currently having some problems editing members because one of administrative panels got messed up during the switch so there may be a slight weeks delay.<br />
<br />
Q: Why is my images always getting deleted or rejected?<br />
A: We check through all the images periodically to make sure all the images correctly fit the category that it is in. If it is not, then we delete it. When you submit an image, you must submit it into the correct category or it'll be rejected. Wallpapers have to be images of 800x600 or higher and must be standard wallpaper dimensions to be accepted. Hand Drawn art must be hand drawn art, if there is any computer editing to it, then it goes into Hand Drawn (Digitally Rendered). If its 100% computer made, then it is Digital Art. Cosplay is not you putting a Rasengan ball on your hand or turning your eyes into Sharingan eyes. Cosplay is dressing up as the actual person in the anime, so if its not that, then its not cosplay so it won't be accepted.<br />
<br />
Q: Why is my profile picture being rejected?<br />
A: Profile pictures are meant to be real pictures of yourself. If its not, it'll most likely be rejected. We obviously cannot determine if it is really you, but as long as its a real human being, we'll accept it. If you are uncomfortable showing your real self, you do not need to upload a profile picture. There is an AVATAR feature where you can upload anything, and those show up when you post comments and such.

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Hello.. Dumb.. Dumb.. Its raining now.. N mobile with my cheap-ass phone..

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

=O omigod theres ppl here still

Posted by Nexus_92 5 years ago

cuz u always say i in a sentence u always say hi i back or i jk u dont even use (iv,im)

Posted by gfblaze582 5 years ago


Posted by gfblaze582 5 years ago

george:i hate to use iv but sometimes i use im.

yudha:i m downloading css online.

Posted by wan09 5 years ago

wan:bull shit why would u hate saying iv

Posted by gfblaze582 5 years ago

my other css is not online but now i will download css online

Posted by wan09 5 years ago

hay guys new box check it out

Posted by gfblaze582 5 years ago

george:cuz i not good in eng.u lucky

Posted by wan09 5 years ago

YAAAY! renzo's here!! *big hug*

Posted by KankurouJunkie17 5 years ago