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Your Content Now Available to Non-Members!

Posted by fandom 5 years ago   -  


Visitors to Naruto Central can now view all Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Member Profiles and more without having to login.

Upload your latest cosplay, images and original storylines for the 1 million fellow fans to see!

News Comments (68)

Quoting viki92it's obvious that I want xD

and yeah it is mine, but I don't want my sis and everybody else call him 10 names but just one. so I better discuss it lol

lol i see and
=o kowai

Posted by kenshinsama007 5 years ago

=] like always

Posted by viki92 5 years ago

Quoting viki92]= like always

since you just said goodbye on msn i'll assume you left this place too

so guess i'll take my leave as well

Posted by kenshinsama007 5 years ago

have we been asked if we want to share our profile informations with "non-users"? and where is the social appeal to join this site as a member ???

next time you act you should ask the actual members id they want to share infrmations

Posted by lee162 5 years ago

ok just one comment to all of you
kakashi is alive!!!!

Posted by narutovsyusuke 5 years ago

long time no see peeps

Posted by thepimpslaya69 5 years ago

oh dear this place kinda sucks now

Posted by thepimpslaya69 5 years ago

hello everyone...

Posted by darknessmaster 5 years ago

-____- kakashi MUST be dead.
this isn't DBZ!

Posted by Sk8erperson9 5 years ago

Quoting Sk8erperson9-____- kakashi MUST be dead.

this isn't DBZ!

I wouldnt be surprised if a pokemon walked around with Naruto saying PIKACHU or a perverted stuffed plushie running around to feel up Tsunade.

Posted by WindFan 5 years ago

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