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Posted by Fandomteam 2 years ago   -  


We just launched a new Fandom version for mobile devices! Now you can check Fandom news, manga and fan art on the go. The home page www.fandom.com will automatically redirect to the mobile version or you can access the site at www.fandom.com/mobile.

Stay tuned for a new live chat feature coming next week...

Happy Thanksgiving!

News Comments (7)


Posted by naruloco 2 years ago

Dats really awesome

Posted by Kydrone 2 years ago

yes i have been using it, but where can i read comments?

Posted by NFTC 2 years ago

does it look the same as the normal page? Because right know im on my mobile and it looks the same. Meybe its because im in spain.

Posted by nicolas-g-g 2 years ago

wouldn't say that. someting wrong is for u nicolas.
oh i found the ay back to original site. this is very easy to use, ty fandom

Posted by NFTC 2 years ago

this is awesome!!! makes me want to come back!! i miss my peeps here!

Posted by Modesto915 2 years ago

Quoting Modesto915this is awesome!!! makes me want to come back!! i miss my peeps here!
If only if only .. but yeah the Fandom App /is/ awesome. But yeah @NFTC it still doesn't let you look at comments or chat with any other member.. It's just for the manga or episodes

Posted by uchiha_kitten 1 year ago