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Staff openings!

Posted by Tom 5 years ago   -  


With the release of the new version of Naruto Central comes a need for new motivated staff who want to help us grow. I've updated the "Staff Openings" page which can be found by clicking <a href="/?p=staff" title="Staff Openings">here</a>. If you are interested in any of the jobs, please contact me by email. I would like to note this is not a paid job, you will be working as a volunteer. Every staff will have set goals they need to accomplish by a certain time-frame. At most staff probably dedicate 2 hours a week into what they do so the workload is not bad at all.

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I am dumb! What is past tense???

I wrote that past tense was: "He told me what hapened!" o.o

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

welcome back and i just now realized that what i said could get takin to a whole new level. xD

Posted by itachis_girl 5 years ago

It could be right mari ^_^

Posted by DragonEmblem 5 years ago

But wait!! You guyz are wrong! :o

Itz because PAST SIMPLE is: "I played with my friends." That is past simple and past tense is sumthing else....

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

Hello everyone! How are you all?

Posted by Inossexynewman 5 years ago

the past tense...hmm let me thing about it

Posted by DragonEmblem 5 years ago

lol i hope u r right itachis girl! i really do hope ur right! g2g now bye every 1

Posted by samy 5 years ago

I'll show you something

Infinitiv Past Simple Past Tense

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

^^ me too samy, me too.
good luck gettin to know bleach a little bit more lol

Posted by itachis_girl 5 years ago

nope thats not it

its like this

infinitive...past...pp"past participle"

Posted by DragonEmblem 5 years ago