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Staff openings!

Posted by Tom 5 years ago   -  


With the release of the new version of Naruto Central comes a need for new motivated staff who want to help us grow. I've updated the "Staff Openings" page which can be found by clicking <a href="/?p=staff" title="Staff Openings">here</a>. If you are interested in any of the jobs, please contact me by email. I would like to note this is not a paid job, you will be working as a volunteer. Every staff will have set goals they need to accomplish by a certain time-frame. At most staff probably dedicate 2 hours a week into what they do so the workload is not bad at all.

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It would be a pleaser to integrate your group,I have the possibility of offering you my talents in Graphic & web design. If interested, contact me at: khouryroland@yahoo.com

I'm capable of adapting my self to any situation
I have a 2 years experience,I work on Pc or Macinthosh, i use Adobe suite, Macromedia suite and Quark-Xpress. I'll gladly show you some of my work, by visiting: http://www.rek-graphics.ch/ soon transformed in English

Posted by Kiribonato 5 years ago

Hey I'm a huge fan of your site, and a huge fan of naruto. I'm very much interested in the staff openings, I have a lot of spare time to kill, I did have my own naruto site but it wasn't getting a lot of fans so to be honest I kinda gave up on it becuase i thought i was wasting my time. But this site is already done and with thousands of fans, I would love to be able to help out any way possible, Please emial me at skaterbro1@msn.com or rpowersgap@yahoo.com. Thankyou for your time.

Posted by gaara198 5 years ago

im interested to help out.. e mail me at lance_koston@yahoo.com i'll be glad to help out..

Posted by lancekoston 5 years ago

oh i forgot to post my email ... my email is adriatik_.-hotmail.com

Posted by .xHidanx. 5 years ago

i would love the chance to help out with the site... im on here maybe once or twice a day carrying on with my day. If you would like to add me as one of the loyal volunteers of the site contact me via email... Shizuka.ningen@gmail.com.

Thanks again!

Posted by Emkay87 5 years ago

Im willing to help. i have some experience in HTML and other programming language. here's my email: michaelfroilan15@yahoo.com

Posted by -miki- 5 years ago

H! I'm a I.T. Prof. Staff...
if i pass the qualification you can contact me in this email add rafael_m_mangsat@yahoo.com
tnx.. more power narutocentral...

Posted by rajofaanel 5 years ago

hey i wld love to help with anythg...email at pkellina@yahoo.com

Posted by pkellina 5 years ago

mail me at abay_jingga@yahoo.com

Posted by abayz 5 years ago