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Next Naruto: Shippuden Theatrical Movie Announced

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


While it isn't entirely unexpected, the announcement for the sixth Naruto: Shippuden movie coming in 2012 is becoming a reality. According to the latest Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that's due on Monday, the sixth installment in the Naruto: Shippuden movie franchise will land in the summer of 2012. The franchise has had a new movie hit every summer since 2007, with the first three arriving in August of their respective years and the fourth and fifth ones arriving in late July, all in the same span of a week. The first two movies in the Shippuden franchise have been released in the US by Viz Media, with the second one being released this past October on both DVD and Blu-ray. The 2010 release of Naruto: Blood Prison opened with $1.5 million in box office receipts and had a total run of approximately $9 million over the month it was released on 260 screens.

No details about what the film will be about or other involvement for the 2012 feature has been revealed as of yet.

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Posted by sec 2 years ago

I'm so tired of Naruto movies. Most of them are a big let down.

Posted by naruloco 2 years ago

me two

Posted by sagenaruto_99 2 years ago

me to also..

Posted by Lufti 2 years ago

most naruto movies weren't that bad overall im actually looking forward to watching this one. the last naruto movies i have actually watched over and over cause to me they are pretty good, though i do agree they could use a bit of work.

Posted by gorge158 2 years ago

Great info. I love to watch this movie. I like Naruto film series. Its a great adventures and action series.


Posted by jbreesx77 2 years ago


Posted by subzerodark 2 years ago

Cool! Can't wait. I love the Naruto movies.

Posted by narutomom1972 2 years ago