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Naruto Anime Available on the PlayStation Network

Posted by fandom 5 years ago   -  


Sony announced today that there will be major enhancements to the PlayStation Network including a video delivery service which will offer Naruto as part of its video content for the PS3 and PSP.

The video store will include a new anime channel which will host Naruto along with other anime such as Appleseed, Dead Space, Fist of the North Star, Voltron and several titles from Funimation.

Will you take advantage of this new Anime distribution channel? What has been your experience with the PlayStation Network before?

News Comments (74)

Quoting historiani dun have a ps3.
i have ps3

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

real men have wii.

Posted by historian 5 years ago

i have wii! smash brawl ROCKS

Posted by Mplekos 5 years ago

still not man enuf. you need to play blood and gorey games.

Posted by historian 5 years ago

ps3 + wii = suckage

Posted by rocklee0891 5 years ago


Posted by magecaster 5 years ago


Posted by Smasher01 5 years ago

Quoting rocklee0891ps3 + wii = suckage

A bit fanboyish to create this post, but I also agree with you xD

lets be honest. the 360 getting MSG is bigger than anything sony announced. All sony really did was show off some PSP stuff, and what real gamer cares about that?

Posted by 2-D 5 years ago

blah i mean MGS lol

Posted by 2-D 5 years ago

yawnz, everyone's sleeping mate'..

Posted by historian 5 years ago

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