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\'Eureka Seven: AO\' Shows Off Visuals, Character Info

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


While a lot of focus is on the January premieres, April is just around the corner and new revelations about the Eureka 7: AO series has been released, including a plot concept which you can see below. It looks like a good chunk of the original staff is returning for this sequel series with Tomoki Kyoda set to direct, Shoji Kawamori doing Nirvash design and Shiro Takeuchi doing design as well. A new character designer is on board though with Hiroyuki Oda replacing Kenichi Yoshida. The one missing factor so far is the writer, which the original had Dai Sato for.

Plot concept: 13-year-old protagonist Fukai Ao lives together with an elderly doctor, Toshio, on Iwado Island in Okinawa. His dad's whereabouts are unknown and his mom was "taken away" 10 years ago. His childhood friend, Arata Naru (who lives with her dad, younger sister, and grandmother), is somewhat frail, physically, and requires an inhaler; however, she seems to have "yuta" power due to an accident that happened when she was very young.

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