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Comments Bug Fixed

Posted by fandom 5 years ago   -  


We have fixed the bug on comments with quoting comments with quotes in them. While we cannot fix the existing comments, any new comments that you post will work properly.

Thanks to everyone who notified us about this bug! We appreciate your help!

News Comments (505)

where the hell is episode 113??? don't tell me it's gona be for next week...

Posted by playboy_umar 5 years ago

loser u alllllll........

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

Sasuke has do It He killed Orochimaru !!! AMAZING !!!

Posted by bnj 5 years ago

he didnt kil him

Posted by Il-uvatar 5 years ago

kill that is

Posted by Il-uvatar 5 years ago

why wont sasuke kill madarra and i wnt to see the fight of the first and madarra

Posted by gola 5 years ago