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Deardrops Gets Translated Release

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


Looking for a new visual novel to play that's in English? Look no further as MangaGamer has officially announced that DEARDROPS is now ready for release and can be acquired! The Windows PC game from Overdrive is the latest 18+ visual novel release to come out from the company where it's adapted into English language form (subtitled only) as it deals with the slice of life adventure involving music. The release is priced at €34.95 and can be purchased directly here. Check out the promo video for it below along with a look at the basic concept for it.

Plot Concept: “Music you were destined to encounter, with friends you were destined to meet—”

Five different people―each lost at different points in their life’s journey, each heading down different paths, each with their own goals and ideals―find themselves unexpectedly brought together by rock ‘n roll and the world of music. Whether their time together is fleeting or lasting, the crossing of such varied lives is sure to be an unforgettable one that forever changes them.

A tale of youth, fateful encounters, and the prime of life awaits the moment all is set in motion. With the spark of a cast-off cigarette and the opening phrase of a dead rockstar’s legacy, the first chapter of their new lives will ring across the crowded hall.

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