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Erementar Gerarde Manga Revived For Distribution

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  

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After the collapse of a couple of manga publishers a few years ago, some series were feared to never be completed. Digital Manga Publishing has come to the rescue by bringing out the original manga on their site under its original title of Erementar Gerade. The series is one that was originally released to some degree several years ago but was a lost license that has now found a new home through the publisher via its digital distribution platform, eManga.com: The Mayumi Azuma series was originally published in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Blade. Digital Manga will be distributing the first twelve volumes of the series using the translations adapted from the previous release and they intend to hit up the previously unpublished volumes tentatively using translations from the Digital Manga Guild imprint.

The first two volumes are currently available online for $6.95 each and they plan to distribute to other e-book platforms to follow in the future.

Plot Concept: Erementar Gerade follows the exploits of young sky pilate Coud van Giruet and his unexpected bounty: a young girl named Ren who is a human weapon known as an “Edel Raid”. Able to fuse with humans to become the ultimate fighting machine, Edel Raids like Ren are in high demand. When Ren is captured by a dealer named Beazon, Coud and an “Edel Raid protection” organization join forces to come to her rescue.

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