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Discotek Planning More Lupin Anime Releases

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  

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One of the better long running series that has a hard time making its way outside of Japan is getting another shot this year and it could get even more if things go well. With Discotek Media getting closer to releasing some of the classic Lupin the 3rd anime TV series material on DVD, it looks like a little more information slipped out on their Discotek Media Facebook page back at the end of February in response to someone's question on there. When asked about Lupin the 3rd: Red Vs. Green, the page operator responded with "We will be releasing more Lupin movies and specials in the future."

The franchise in general has had a staggered release across multiple companies over the years with rights for the movies ending up in different places, from Image Entertainment, Streamline Pictures, Geneon Entertainment and FUNimation Entertainment who released more specials than anyone else. Geneon released a good chunk of the later TV series and got it adapted for a Cartoon Network broadcast for awhile as well with a heavily modernized dub.

Discotek Media currently has a tentative date of 6/26 for Lupin the Third: The Complete First TV Series.

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