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This Boy Can Fight Aliens Licensed By Sentai Filmworks

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


For those that like the one-off OVA releases that come out every now and then, a new one is coming to the US this year. Sentai Filmworks came out today with the announcement of the acquisition of This Boy Can Fight Aliens, known as Kono Danshi, Uchu-jin to Tatakaemasu in Japan. The show is one that was released by Comix Wave last year with English subtitles on the DVD front and it was recently announced that another show in this franchise that has gone into production with This Boy Has PIcked Up a Merman. Sentai Filmworks has not released any details about what this release will entail yet but it's expected to come soon as the company typically announces new acquisitions either through release solicitations or within a three to four month range of the actual release so fans aren't kept waiting too long from announcement to release.

Plot Concept: The world is under attacks by aliens. One day, Arikawa, one of the staff of the provisional headquarters for the invading aliens, finds a high school boy Kakashi, who is lying on a hill with his memory lost. Kakashi is found to have a power to beat the aliens and starts living together with Arikawa and his boss Shiro. Kakashi gradually gets used to the strange life but the relationship among the three breaks up when Kakashi loses his motivation to fight with the aliens.

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